Grandma’s Garden Patch

Star Spangled (J1) (5)The garden is located just outside of beautiful Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick. Currently, we sell daylilies, hostas and a variety of perennials from the garden. Our daylily garden is constantly expanding – we now have over 500 varieties. Our 2023 catalogue is available with over 100 varieties pictured. Until the time in which we have the mail order business up and running, anyone living in the vicinity is welcome to visit the gardens. It is best if you are coming from a distance to call first to ensure that someone will be at home to welcome you. During the fourth weekend of July, we hold an open house at the gardens to which all are welcome. In addition to daylilies we also grow hostas and numerous other perennials. These can be bought during the season directly from the garden. Visitors have the option of buying plants that are already potted or walking though the gardens and choosing a plant in its natural habitat.

Attention Landscapers! A Landscaper discount is offered on large orders. There are currently a number of different varieties of daylilies in sufficient numbers to use for landscaping purposes.

Please Note: For every 10 plants (daylilies or hostas) bought in a single purchase, the buyer will receive one free plant!

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